Hexic 1.02

Match the shapes to score points


  • Simple controls
  • Incredibly addictive
  • Three game modes


  • Irritating soundtrack

Very good

If you've grown tired of playing Tetris, how do you reignite your passion for block-based puzzle games? Well, installing Hexic is a good start.

Hexic is a Windows Mobile game based on the match-three genre devised by legendary Tetris designer Alexey Pajitnov. The principle of Hexic is very simple - you just need to rotate clusters of three hexes in order to build a group of three or more of the same-colored pieces.

Despite its straightforward concept, Hexic becomes very challenging and there are lots of added twists and obstacles to make things even more difficult. There are three different game modes: Marathon, Timed and Survival, and each is highly addictive and the kind of thing that you can happily spend a few hours playing without getting bored.

The graphics in Hexic are simple yet clear and colorful. The background music gets a little irritating after a while. Thankfully you can adjust this though in the game's settings menu, which also includes options for tweaking controls, and a choice of three difficulty levels.

Hexic is the perfect game to fire up if you ever find yourself with a couple of hours to kill in an airport lounge or on a train platform.

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Hexic 1.02

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